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Wanna be a hero?
Drive clean!

OG makes clean driving accessible to everyone! You become a hero when you start driving on the 100% clean fuels from OG. By doing so, you contribute to a cleaner world for future generations.

OG has become the fastest-growing player in the sustainable mobility market. What started in 2008 has now grown into an international network in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and soon in Italy. OG is the only supplier that focuses exclusively on 100% clean fuels such as Bio-CNG, Electric, Hydrogen, Bio-LNG, and HVO100. Our fuels are always produced and financed in a green manner. Features that make OG unique.

OG’s ambition is to be Europe’s largest clean fuels retailer combined with its own production. 


OG’s fuels are produced and financed in a 100% green manner

We don’t just say it, we truly do it. We dare to think big, but at the same time, we remain the way we are.

So how do we do it? We produce clean fuels ourselves, build filling stations exclusively with alternative fuels, and have partnerships with the right partners. This enables us to guarantee 100% green fuel wherever we are in Europe. OG is thus making a direct contribution to a sustainable, local, and circular economy. And more importantly, we contribute to the climate objectives for reducing CO2 emissions at both national and European levels (RED II).


OG is there for the world of tomorrow

OG has a clear social ambition: to leave a greener world for future generations. When you fill-up or top up your car at OG, you are also making a social contribution to a better world. OG believes that if you are well-off, you should share. That is why OG not only invests in 100% clean fuels but also in supporting talent development, athletes, and charities. We do this by means of the OG Heroes platform, by sponsoring sports clubs and charities such as Unicef, and by setting up an OG Sports Fund.

OG Dream

A mix of clean fuels

OG Dream: a vision in which OG offers a mix of clean fuels from natural sources.

In the coming years, OG will focus on building ‘Dream Stations’. A Dream Station is a station where clean fuels are offered exclusively, namely: Bio-CNG, Electric, Hydrogen, Bio-LNG, and HVO 100.

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OG HEROES is the ultimate OG platform dedicated to sports talents who work extremely hard to achieve their goals. Every athlete shares a passion, a desire, a persistent urge to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel for chasing their goals and dreams and making them come true. If you want to achieve something tomorrow, you must not worry about today. We give the athletes/OG Heroes a stage to share their drive and passion but also to show their connection to OG.

Meet the OG Heroes here!

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