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Every athlete, coach, or club shares a passion. A burning desire. A persistent drive to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and make them come true. Meet the OG Heroes! We give them a stage to share their drive and passion, but also to tell their connection to OG.

"My approach is not better, my approach is different."

Famke Minnee

Geboortedatum September 25, 2001
Geboorteplaats Harderwijk, Netherlands
Discipline Long track skater
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The enthusiastic, fanatical all-round speed skater Famke Minnee is well on her way of being at the top of speed skating. Famke Minnee is a Dutch long-track speed skater. In 2020 Minnee competed in the NK Allround in Thialf in Heerenveen, but together with OG she aims for many more beautiful skating medals. 

Since childhood, fun has been OG Hero Famke's main focus in the sport. Choosing her own way in combining skating in the top of the Netherlands with a study is what Famke stands for. Our OG Hero is not someone who would quickly choose the easiest path, but someone who walks her own path. For example, Famke is studying the German language and culture, something that maybe not many people would choose next to their sport. When she sees many opportunities in something to develop her broadly, it motivates her. Famke's approach may not always have yielded in the greatest success, but it has opened doors to wonderful experiences that will always stay with her.

"Ever since I was a child, fun in the sport has been central to me. Choosing my own path in combining skating at the top of the Netherlands with a study is what I stand for. I am not someone who would quickly choose the easiest path, but someone who walks her own path."

Highlight in your career 
Famke's highlight was her debut at the Dutch senior all-round championships in a sold-out Thialf. Famke had placed directly for this via the Gruno Bokaal in Groningen as A1 junior (18 years).

Habit before the competition 
Skating competitions are almost always in the evening. On a competition day, our OG Hero gets on the Tacx after breakfast to cycle loose, followed by some stretching and loosening up her muscles. In the afternoon, Famke always eats a plate of pasta and prepares sandwiches for the evening at the track. In the car, Famke often eats a candy bar or a banana, because often it is an hour drive to the competition. The fanatical all-round skater is quite a control freak, especially before important races. She always checks beforehand if her skates are in order, always has spare equipment and a spare suit with her and always checks if everything is in her bag. If she has her things in order, she gets in the car to the competition with confidence.

Famke dreams of a world without the coronavirus, in which she can skate races again. It would be very nice to be able to participate in international competitions in the future, because Famke did not have the opportunity to do so in season 2020/2021 as a final year junior.

Besides all the different sports that Famke does as training for skating, winter sport is a big hobby of hers. Famke always looks forward to going skiing in Austria. Furthermore, our OG Hero likes to watch English housing programs such as 'the big move' and 'dream house in the country'.

Guilty pleasure
ICE CREAM! And she doesn't mean the ice we skate on ;) Famke's guilty pleasure is that during bicycle training she often stops for ice cream, but only if the weather is nice of course.

Achieved results
Pupils - 8 to 12 years:
2014: 2nd place: Viking Race (European Championships) Juniors AG 12 - 17 2014, Heerenveen - 4 x 500 meters 
2015: Fastest world time on the 1000m (Ladies pupils A) in 1.26.37 - World Top 20 list of season 2014-2015

Juniors - 13 to 19 years: 
Season 2018/2019 
* 1st place: Royal Thialf, Heerenveen - 500m / 1000m
* 2nd place: Atje Keulen Deelstra Trophy, Inzell (GER) - 500m / 1000m 
* 4th place: Dutch Championship Marathon, Dronten - 25 laps 
* 5th place: Dutch Junior B Allround Championsships 2019, Groningen - 500m / 1500m / 1000m / 3000m
* 8th place: Dutch Juniors Sprintchampionships 2019, Enschede - 2x 500m / 2x 1000m 
Season 2019/2020 
* 2nd place: Atje Keulen Deelstra Trophy, Inzell (GER) - 500m / 1000m 
* 10th place: Rabo Holland Cup4 / Gruno Bokaal, Groningen - 500m / 3000m / 1500m / 5000m 
* 11th place: Rabo Holland Cup 2 / Kraantje Lek, Haarlem - 500m / 1500m / 1000m / 3000m 
* 15th place: Dutch Junior A, Sprint Championship 2020, Alkmaar - 2x 500m / 2x1000m
* 17th place: Debut at Dutch Allround Championships 2020, Heerenveen - 500m / 3000m (PR) / 1500m
Season 2020/2021 
* Placed for Rabo Holland Cup 1 on home track the Scheg, Deventer - 1500 meters
* Due to Covid-19 all national and international competitions of season 2020/2021 outside the top sports bubble of Thialf canceled.

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Everyone can be a Hero! You are a Hero if you start driving on clean fuels because you think we should be kinder to our planet. But athletes are heroes too, every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is the fuel to pursue their goals and dreams and make them come true.