OG Heroes

Every athlete, coach, or club shares a passion. A burning desire. A persistent drive to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and make them come true. Meet the OG Heroes! We give them a stage to share their drive and passion, but also to tell their connection to OG.

"I stand for equality in every field, but especially in sports"

N'Ketia Seedo

Geboortedatum June 7, 2003
Geboorteplaats Suriname
Discipline Sprinter
Social Media

N'ketia is a young super talent. She is the second-fastest girl of 16 of all time. In 2019, N'ketia grabbed a bronze medal at the NK indoor sprint. In 2020 at the NK indoor sprint, our OG HERO secured her first gold medal in the 60m and also became Dutch champion. At the European Championships under 20, N'ketia captured her silver medal in the 100m. She ran the distance in 11.40 seconds.

"Thanks to OG, I am able to drive all over the country in such an environmentally friendly way in my Skoda Citigo. Because I have a fairly wide reach, I hope to inspire others to drive clean as well."

A quote who you are or what you stand for
N'ketia stands for equality in every field and especially in sports. She wants to be someone that young girls can look at and think: "If she can do it then I can too, despite what people around me have to say."

Career/career highlight
N'ketia has not one highlight, but two highlights. Her first peak is her first senior gold medal in the 60m indoor in 2020 at the age of 16. Her second peak is her silver medal in 100m at the 20 European Championships.

Habits before the competition
N'ketia preplaces all her competition clothes the night before the competition. During the warm-up, she always listens to music and before she gets into the starting blocks, she waves to her mother in the stands.

Dream Career
Our hero dreams of a career full of fun and happiness. N'ketia has enjoyed playing sports since she was a little girl and she hopes she will enjoy it for the rest of her career. Ofcourse IN'ketia thinks that the performance is important too, as she would like to be in an Olympic final and win a medal, but having fun is the most important thing.

N'ketia has been playing the saxophone since she was six years old and went to music lessons until she was twelve. Now N'ketia mainly focuses on athletics and still plays the saxophone at home occasionally. Furthermore, she listens to a lot of music and enjoys watching Netflix. N'ketia also likes to meet up with girlfriends and friends.

Guilty pleasure
N'ketia's guilty pleasure is eating candy. She really loves eating candy and if she can she likes to go to a fast-food restaurant like MC Donalds, Burger King, or KFC.

Career in years
|1st place NK-outdoor u14 Distance: 60m 2017
|Distance: 60m 2017
|1st place NK-indoor u18 Distance: 60m
|2nd place NK-outdoor u18 Distance: 100M
|Distance: 80 and 150 m

|1st place NK-indoor u16 Distance: 60m
|Distance: 60m 2019
|Distance: 60m20201th place NK-indoor u18
|Distance: 60m / 60m303rd place NK-Outdoor Seniors
|1st place NK-outdoor u18 Distance: 100 and 200m
|2nd place EK u20 Distances: 100m and 4x100m relay
|Third place at NK-outdoor senior citizens Distance: 100m

|1st place NK-indoor u18 Distance: 60m
|1st place NK-door senior citizens Distance: 60m

|1st place finals NK-indoor U20 Distance: 60m
|1st place finals NK-indoor citizens Distance: 60m
|1st place 100m & 200m U20 Nationals

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Everyone can be a Hero! You are a Hero if you start driving on clean fuels because you think we should be kinder to our planet. But athletes are heroes too, every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is the fuel to pursue their goals and dreams and make them come true.