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Every athlete, coach, or club shares a passion. A burning desire. A persistent drive to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and make them come true. Meet the OG Heroes! We give them a stage to share their drive and passion, but also to tell their connection to OG.

"If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"

Nadia Zijlstra

Geboortedatum October 24, 1989
Geboorteplaats Leeuwarden
Discipline Ice hockey goalie
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Nadia Zijlstra is an ice hockey goalie, born in Leeuwarden on October 24th, 1989. She Grew up in Leeuwarden and started playing ice hockey with Trias Leeuwarden at the age of 4 (1993). In 1995 she transferred to Flyers Heerenveen.  Nadia went through the entire youth training here and later she played in the first division of the Flyers for a long period. At the age of twelve, Nadia trained with the National Ladies Selection for the first time. At the age of 17 she won her first World Cup. In 2013 Nadia returned to her old club Leeuwarden to play at the second division level. She also took a break from the National selection. Besides ice hockey the focus was mainly on the study Social Work. After a few years Leeuwarden returned to the first division and so did Nadia. In 2018 Nadia joined the National selection again.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

A quote who you are or what you stand for
From day one, Nadia has enjoyed ice hockey and that feeling has never left her. The joy that our hero has in sports, is what gives her the drive and motivation to perform. Fun, in her eyes, is the most important thing in order to perform well.

Career highlights 
The main highlights in Nadia's career are winning gold at the World Championships in both 2018 and 2019.

Pre-competition habit 
Before a competition, Nadia always has a few things she sticks to in her routine. These include having a set playlist that she listens to and making sure that she always has a moment to visualize about the upcoming competition. In addition, Nadia throws some balls against the wall to activate her reflexes but also to get into focus. Besides her own preparation, she also enjoys playing a game of soccer with the team before the game. As soon as Nadia steps on the ice it is 100% focus.

Dream Career 
Nadia's dream is to be at the Olympic Games in 2022 with the National women's team and to win a medal at the World Championships in April 2022.

Besides ice hockey, Nadia enjoys traveling. She doesn't have to go on world trips, but a weekend away will do as well.

Guilty pleasure
Nadia's guilty pleasure is chocolate, oh and pancakes. Although Nadia tries not to give in to chocolate too often.

| 2010 U20 Champion Netherlands Belgium
| 2011 World Championship gold (level 2A)
| 2013 World Championship silver (level 1B)
| 2018 World Cup gold (level 2A) World Cup lowest average goals against in the tournament (0.33)
| 2019 World Cup gold (level 1B) World Cup lowest average goals against in the tournament (0.75)

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Everyone can be a Hero! You are a Hero if you start driving on clean fuels because you think we should be kinder to our planet. But athletes are heroes too, every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is the fuel to pursue their goals and dreams and make them come true.