OG Heroes

Every athlete, coach, or club shares a passion. A burning desire. A persistent drive to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and make them come true. Meet the OG Heroes! We give them a stage to share their drive and passion, but also to tell their connection to OG.

‘Always make a total effort even when the odds are against you’

Soraya Verhoeven

Geboortedatum December 28, 1997
Geboorteplaats Amsterdam
Discipline Professional Football Player Eredivisie
Social Media

Soraya is a person who always gives 100%, since giving up is simply not an option for her. Even if the chance to succeed is only 1%, she will do everything she can to make this small chance a reality. Soraya looks at everything from a positive perspective and sees opportunities where others may see obstacles.

‘Always make a total effort even when the odds are against you’

Highlight in career/career
Soraya her starting debut was in October 2016 with Ajax 1, everything fell into place during that match. She played uninhibited in a match with many seasoned internationals around her. She was important for making goals that match and was voted Ajacied of the match. This is a moment I will never forget and a driving force for all other matches so far.

Pre-match habit 
Soraya always eats pasta the day before the match, makes sure she sleeps well that night and makes sure she drinks enough water on match-day. As a sports meal, she always eats pancakes. But the most important thing for Soraya is to create a relaxed atmosphere for herself so that she can peak during the competition.

Dream career
Soraya wants to achieve the highest possible result in her career. The Dutch women's team remains a big dream and playing abroad in a good competition seems great to her.

Soraya loves games, where you can win of course, and I also like many different sports (ping pong, badminton, skating, skiing). Unfortunately, this is not possible right now because the full focus is on her sport, but she wants to go skiing again after her top sport career. She is also currently studying for her bachelor's degree in Psychology, which is where a lot of her energy goes, next to soccer.

Guilty pleasure
Watching Grey's Anatomy! Soraya doesn't have much time to watch series or movies, but when she has time she prefers Grey's Anatomy and can watch several episodes in a row.

| 2013-2016 CTO Soccer; Dutch talent program for young players
| In the Netherlands, the role of the national team is to be the most important.
| Player of the Ajax Women Team.
| 2016-2017 Champion of the Netherlands with the Ajax Women Cup Champion Ajax Women
| 2013-2020 Youth international for the Netherlands o16, o17, o18, o19 & o23 2019/2020 Interland's with the Dutch national team under 23
| 2018-2019 Ajax Women Cup Champion 2017-2018 Champion of the Netherlands with the Ajax Women Cup Champion Ajax Women

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Everyone can be a Hero! You are a Hero if you start driving on clean fuels because you think we should be kinder to our planet. But athletes are heroes too, every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is the fuel to pursue their goals and dreams and make them come true.