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Why did they choose clean driving with OG?

"I have been happily driving on Biogas for many years."

Noot Personenvervoer

Discipline Passenger transport
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Noot Personenvervoer is based in Ede and provides contract transport services throughout the Netherlands. This means that we transport passengers on behalf of municipalities and care institutions.

Noot's history begins in the 1980s at the edge of the Veluwe, in Ede. At a time when there was no professional cab transport for children with disabilities, Gerrit Noot took his daughter to school himself. Soon he also takes children of other parents. A gap in the market was found and Noot Personenvervoer saw the light of day.

Noot's birthplace is still Ede. But by now, our roots have expanded to all parts of the country. We are currently one of the largest, small-scale passenger transport companies in the Netherlands. Every day we bring thousands of passengers safely to school, to family or for example to work or day care.

We love to bring every passenger from A to B. We do this safely, according to the agreement and always as responsibly as possible. Noot is Taxi Keurmerk, NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified. We work in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These certificates are proof of our commitment to quality, safe and sustainable transport.

"With the deployment of sustainable vehicles, we are achieving significant CO2 savings and even zero emissions in large parts of the Netherlands. This is in line with our vision of sustainable business and the green footprint we want to leave in society."

Note uses:

  • Biogas also as a Dual Feel variant so CNG is blended in with a diesel vehicle
  • Electric
  • Hydrogen
  • As one of the leaders in sustainable passenger transport, we want to leave a green footprint in society. That is also the reason why we do business sustainably and use clean fuels.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Noot's fleet consists of 2,000 vehicles. Of these 2,000 vehicles, 150 are now electric, 40 run on hydrogen and 400 on green gas. More than 600 cab buses comply with the Euronorm 6. This means that they are among the cleanest cab vehicles.

The eye-catcher of our sustainable fleet is the emission-free Toyota hydrogen cab. This Toyota Mirai was added to the fleet after we won the tender for WMO transport in The Hague. This is the transport of people who cannot travel independently, such as people with a disability or who can no longer travel by public transport.  Noot has been the first passenger transport company in the Netherlands with a hydrogen cab fleet.

Annually, the Toyota Mirais carry out 15,000 trips for Wmo transport in The Hague. Because there is a hydrogen filling station of OrangeGas in The Hague, drivers do not have to travel long distances to refill the cab. Meanwhile, the hydrogen cabs together have reached the milestone of 1.5 million kilometers. Every kilometer driven in The Hague has therefore been a green kilometer.

As a passenger transport company, we obtain a large part of our income from tenders. More and more clients, who contract out pupil transport or WMO transport, for example, want cab transport to be sustainable. The cabs and cab buses that we use are on the road almost every day. They often drive a lot and through busy areas. By deploying sustainable vehicles, we achieve significant CO2 savings and even zero emissions in large parts of the Netherlands. This is in line with our vision of sustainable enterprise and the green footprint we want to leave on society.

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