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OG Customers

They already drive clean!

OG Customers

OG serves a wide variety of business customers nationwide; from large fleets to SMEs and from waste collectors to couriers.

Why did they choose clean driving with OG?

"Give Greener Gas (Biogas)"


Datum opgericht 1 January 2016
Vestiging Almkerk
Discipline Driving School

Elestric Rijopleidingen is the most sustainable driving school in the region. We drive an Audi A3 G-tron on Biogas and a fully electric Nissan Leaf. You can come to us to get your driving license in a gearbox or automatic. In the driving school world, it has always been the case that driving with a diesel engine was the norm. It is unfortunate that driving on Biogas is still so unknown in the Netherlands. Many people have simply never heard of it.

"I wanted to make a conscious choice as a driving school by choosing the cleanest possible manual transmission learning car"

We are the driving school with a sustainable vision of mobility. As a driving school, I wanted to make a conscious choice by opting for the cleanest possible manual teaching car. We have now been driving on Biogas for over 4 years with 2 Audi's A3 G-tron to complete satisfaction. The cars drive smoothly and I find that a car on Biogas runs nicer than on petrol. The effect is really minimal and the changeover is completely automatic, you notice practically nothing. The students also drive off with no problems on Biogas.  

Our slogan for years now has been: "Give Greener Gas".

We also have a fully electric Nissan Leaf since 5 years that we use for our automatic lessons. I charge the car mainly at home where we have 38 solar panels. But if the need arises, we can also charge at OG (OrangeGas) in Nieuwendijk who have also installed a fast charging station there since the autumn of 2020. I am a real fan of electric driving, the efficiency of an electric motor is many times higher than that of a fossil fuel motor and there are some disadvantages to electric driving but for me they do not outweigh the advantages.

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