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All about OG

In 2008 Marcel, Anco, and Pelle tied the knot at Marcel's garden party: They were going to make a substantial contribution to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands by building filling stations exclusively with alternative fuels.

Initially, the focus was entirely on Bio-CNG. Bio-CNG is economical, widely deployable and the cleanest fuel at the moment. In June 2009, OG opened its first Bio-CNG filling point in Steenwijk. With an average of one new filling point per month, OG soon became the fastest-growing player in the sustainable mobility market. In 2010, the OrangeDream was born, a vision in which OG offers all clean fuels, from natural sources, in the future.

By the end of 2015, OG was operating 65 Bio-CNG refueling locations, making it the market leader in the Netherlands. At the time, OG was the only company in the Netherlands supplying 100% Bio-CNG. In late 2017, OG launched in Germany, and by the end of 2020, the counter will have reached 85 stations in the Netherlands and 125 in Germany. This makes OG the market leader in both the Netherlands and Germany. At the end of 2019, preparations for the construction of filling stations in Sweden and Belgium were also started and OG aims to maintain the growth of Bio-CNG filling locations.

In the meantime, OG now has four commercial stations in Sweden and a bus depot in Helsingborg. One refueling location in Stockholm and two planned refueling stations with fast chargers on the island of Öland. Of which one in Farjestaden is open and one refueling site in Borgholm is expected to open March.

In addition to a large Bio-CNG network, OG has a network of fast chargers. OG is also working hard to expand its hydrogen network. For example, OG has hydrogen refilling points in The Hague, Amsterdam and Assen.

OG sets ambitious goals because there is a future in sustainable driving. The supply of cars that run on clean fuels is increasing. That is why OG is opening filling stations that exclusively offer clean fuels: Bio-CNG, electric fast chargers based on green electricity, Hydrogen, LNG/LBG (Liquid Biogas) and CO2 for environmentally friendly cooling. Through the synergy of these fuels, we can offer the green motorist a diverse palette of clean fuels within which a clean fuel is available for every type of driver.