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OG Customers

They already drive clean!

OG Customers

OG serves a wide variety of business customers nationwide; from large fleets to SMEs and from waste collectors to couriers.

Why did they choose clean driving with OG?

"We are the cleanest transporter in the Netherlands."

Firstclass Couriers & Transport

Datum opgericht 2010
Vestiging Winschoten
Discipline Transport company

We are René de Vries & Marry van der Lely and we founded FirstClass Couriers & Transport 10 years ago. FirstClass is the cleanest carrier in the Netherlands. All our vehicles run on Biogas from OG (OrangeGas). We now have 15 vehicles running on Biogas and our own filling station in cooperation with OG.

"We are the cleanest transporter in the Netherlands, all our vehicles run on Biogas."

Since October, we have our own Biogas (Bio-CNG) on our premises. We have had the mission to make our footrpint as small as possible since our founding in 2010. Therefore, we have been running our vehicles on Biogas from day one. Our fleet consists of 15 CNG vehicles with different models and brands. Including a Mercedes Sprinter, Scania P/G, Iveco Daily's with extra built-in Bio-CNG bottles good for about 650-700km and Fiat Doblo with 500km! Even the lawnmower at our place is used sustainably, on Biogas.

In 2018 we participated in the elfwegentocht (two week party without a drop of gasoline) with 3 vehicles and a Stiga lawn mower on Biogas (Bio-CNG). This was a great success. In 2010, during the 10th anniversary of OG we won a VW UP with a quiz and it is still running. This says enough about the quality of cars on Biogas.

We only have one globe that we have to be very careful of, we also make our customers aware of that."

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