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OG Customers

They already drive clean!

OG Customers

OG serves a wide variety of business customers nationwide; from large fleets to SMEs and from waste collectors to couriers.

Why did they choose clean driving with OG?

'Together for a clean and sustainable world'


Datum opgericht 1984
Geboorteplaats Friesland
Discipline Omrin driver
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The world's population is growing, resources are becoming scarcer. In order to leave a livable earth for the generations to come, we need to be frugal with what we have. In a circular economy, waste no longer exists. Products are designed more efficiently and materials are reused as much as possible. This also applies to clean fuels, produced from waste. Thanks to a beautiful sustainable cooperation between Omrin and OG. 

Albert Vries (Omrin driver): "I drive my waste collection truck along our customers every day without fossil fuel. I don't notice any difference in pulling power. It used to be different, but now the engines are stronger, cleaner and quieter. You drive around with pleasure, for a clean world. Everyone notices that, and we are an example to others. You see more and more trucks running on Biogas, which is an excellent development."

Omrin is a waste and raw materials company, active in Friesland, Groningen, Veluwe and the Rijnmond region. Omrin processes the household waste of more than 1.2 million people and 9,000 companies, with the motto of 'building circular (waste) chains for the benefit of future generations'. Less waste, more recycling.

Omrin does this by working every day towards a circular economy and an inclusive and biodiverse society. Together with the more than thirty member municipalities and dozens of chain partners, sustainable ecosystems and communities are being built. The sustainable cooperation between Omrin and OrangeGas is the textbook example of how to actively create impact and increase scale. Waste is collected sustainably from households and businesses and processed in modern installations. Many vehicles therefore drive through the regions every day.

And almost all of Omrin's vehicles now run on green gas produced from waste. 100% fossil-free. Cleaner, quieter and sustainable. This is also the future: sustainable transport with innovative logistics solutions, on clean fuels. Together with OrangeGas, we provide a positive impetus to fossil-free driving. Through our broad network of refueling locations, we guarantee sustainable waste collection in all regions. For the well-being of future generations.

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