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OG Clean Fuels enters exclusive partnership with Praxis for EV fast charger

Attention sustainable makers! As of now, Praxis customers can quickly charge their electric car at five Praxis stores. In cooperation with OG Clean Fuels, Praxis has installed at least one 75 kW charging station (suitable for two cars) at these stores. With this, Praxis customers can easily fast-charge their car while shopping. Given the average shopping time, this is enormously efficient and the customer can continue their journey with a virtually fully charged car. The charging stations exclusively supply 100% green electricity from the Netherlands and can be found at Praxis stores in Vlaardingen, Barendrecht, Purmerend, Almere Stad and Capelle aan de IJssel. The fast chargers will be rolled out as soon as possible.

"Fits perfectly with our vision and ambitions"
OG Clean Fuels is a producer and supplier of only 100% clean fuels and energy carriers such as Bio-CNG, Hydrogen, HVO100, Bio-LNG and (fast) chargers. This cooperation with Praxis fits perfectly with the vision and ambitions of OG Clean Fuels, explains Joyce van Os de Man, Director Benelux: "We want to make clean driving accessible and affordable for everyone. A rate of €0.65 per kWh has been set for the fast chargers at Praxis until the end of the year. By publicly placing the charging stations at nice locations like the Praxis, it is accessible to more people, especially with the current grid congestion problems."

"Happy to offer customers sustainable service"
The cooperation with OG fits within Praxis' sustainability ambitions. Corine Duchenne, Managing Director Praxis: "In addition to rolling out this pilot, we are also transitioning to a complete electric leased vehicle fleet and our DIY stores are becoming increasingly energy efficient. For example, by installing heat pumps and insulating central heating pipes. We are therefore very pleased with the cooperation with OG. With this we offer our customers another extra service and not only help them make their homes more sustainable through our product range but also make electric driving easier."

Charging and saving
Customers who refuel or charge cleanly at OG Clean Fuels can also save for fun extras via the OG Clean Fuels app. Per charge, you can save 'Happy' Points. With enough points, customers can now also order the Praxis gift card. Other perks include a smartwatch, weekend getaway, various gift cards and a donation to charity. In addition, the app also offers other benefits, such as navigation to refueling locations, a convenient chat and keep you informed of important updates and malfunctions. 

About OG Clean Fuels
OG Clean Fuels believes in a future with a mix of clean fuels. Thanks to and network of more than 220 filling stations in Europe, OG has become the fastest growing player in the sustainable mobility sector. These clean fuels include Bio-CNG, Bio-LNG, EV, Hydrogen and HVO100 OG's ambition is to be Europe's largest clean fuels retailer combined with in-house production.