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OG APP | Save for great products in our shop



With the OG App, you have everything you need within reach. It includes all benefits and clean refilling becomes even easier than before! Endless fun with extras, promotions, and more. No matter where you are, with our OG App you will always exactly know where to find the nearest OG location.

Saving for products

In our shop, you can save for fun products and activities such as car packages, coupons, charities, refill credit, weekend trips, outings, and many more extras.

Locate the nearest OG location

Want to find the nearest OG refilling location or other CNG locations? The OG App will guide you! With the App, you will be able to navigate quickly and without detours to your next filling station.

Keeping up to date

The OG App will keep you informed about important locations, location updates, and the best competitions. Furthermore, you can report any malfunctions you experience through your smartphone!  

Chat with Mr. Spark

Do you have a question or do you need some help with making your fleet sustainable? Mr. Spark knows (almost) everything and is happy to help you!  


The world's first savings app for alternative fuels!

Your fill-up will earn you Happy Points. Happy points can be used to save for nice products in our shop. You will collect Happy Points when refilling by checking in on the OG App.

Good to know: if you download the App now, you will receive 50 Happy Points for free as a welcome gift!

So fill up with positive energy and we'll do the rest! This way we are on the road to a cleaner world together.

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