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OrangeGas expands clean fuel network in Sweden

Heerenveen November 25, 2019 – OrangeGas expands its network of clean fuels in Europe and will open Biogas stations in Sweden. After the Netherlands and Germany, Sweden becomes the third country where OrangeGas will build a network of clean fuel stations. The ambition is to become the largest clean fuel retailer in North-West Europe.

Last Thursday, Marcel Borger, director and founder of OrangeGas, placed the shovel in the ground in the city Färjestaden for the construction of the first Biogas gas station of OrangeGas in Sweden. The contract was awarded via a provincial public tender. The planned opening is in June 2020. Färjestaden is located on the island of Öland, near the bridge to the mainland. Öland is Sweden's best known and busiest holiday island. OrangeGas will be opening its second Biogas filling station in the city of Borgholm on the same island. An electric fast charger will be added to both stations.

OrangeGas has a great ambition in Sweden. "Sweden is the mecca for driving on Biogas’’. It became popular more than 30 years ago, and it still is today, "said Borger’’. We are proud that we have been receiving a lot of enthusiasm as an addition to the Swedish network of clean fuels. Actually, to give an extra boost” adds Borger. Driving on Biogas is regarded as one of the cleanest forms of mobility in Sweden. In order to achieve the environmental objectives, Biogas is taken into the government policy, as this is 'Well to Wheel' the cleanest fuel of this moment.

The preparations for a third and fourth Biogas filling station in Stockholm are in full swing. And an extra subsidy has been applied for 18 Biogas filling stations. OrangeGas hopes to complete a network of 40-50 filling stations in Sweden within three years. In addition to the filling stations, OrangeGas also wants to become active with two biogas production locations.

There are 180 Biogas filling stations in Sweden at this moment. There is also a rapid growth of Liquid Biogas (LBG) filling stations. OrangeGas has also an ambition to be an operator of LBG.

OrangeGas has a network of 82 Biogas filling stations in the Netherlands, 52 filling stations in Germany, electric fast chargers and liquid CO2 in Amsterdam, two HVO100 filling stations, and hydrogen stations under construction in The Hague (operator), Amsterdam and Utrecht. Last but not least, OrangeGas also has two biogas production locations in Beverwijk and Mijdrecht, and one that will be opening soon in Hoorn.

OrangeGas was founded in 2008 with the aim of establishing its own network of clean fuel filling stations in North-Western Europe, in order to make a significant contribution to clean mobility in Europe. OrangeGas is operational in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden by 2020.

OrangeGas continuous expanding their clean fuel network in Europe. They are looking forward to announce new activities in a fourth country soon.