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OrangeGas has hit the ground running in Sweden

With the acquisition of four commercial CNG stations and a bus depot in Helsingborg, OrangeGas has hit the ground running in Sweden. As of 1 September, OrangeGas will start operating the former Öresundskraft stations, which are all located in the Helsingborg region. With this takeover, the annual revenue of OrangeGas will increase by approximately 8 million euro. With the expected developments in Sweden and Germany, the 2021 annual revenue will be double the 2020 figure. As founder/director Marcel Borger says, "This is a crucial step for OrangeGas, as we have the ambition to become the largest clean fuel retailer in North-West Europe."

Öresundskraft is the local energy company and has decided to focus more on its core business in the years to come, which is supplying green energy to industrial and residential environments. By supplying green energy and maintenance to the filling stations, Öresundskraft will keep working closely with OrangeGas. Öresundskraft and her owners are very pleased with the arrival of OrangeGas in the Swedish market. As CEO of Öresundskraft Anders Östlund says, "Sweden welcomes OrangeGas as a very active player in the sustainable fuel market, which will give a new impulse to driving on biogas."

In addition to the commercial stations, the bus depot which serves the municipal and regional carriers is an important customer. OrangeGas will refuel 123 buses daily at the depot. The biogas sold at the stations is made from organic waste from the local waste processing.

After the construction of 2 Biogas stations with fast chargers on the island of Öland, the stations in Helsingborg are the next step for OrangeGas in Sweden. The stations on the island of Öland are expected to be operational this summer.

The ambition is to have 20 to 30 OrangeGas filling stations in Sweden by the end of 2020. Driving on biogas is a large existing market with many opportunities for the transport sector. According to Mr Borger, Sweden will, therefore, become an essential pillar for OrangeGas' ambition in Europe.