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OG partners with Evesco for multimedia fast chargers

OG Clean Fuels (OG) has ordered two charging stations with a 55'' multimedia screen in cooperation with EVESCO. The charging stations have a high capacity of 120kW, a built-in touch screen, and are supplied with 100% green electricity from storage. OG and EVESCO are the first ones to roll this out in the Netherlands!

The possibilities of this charging station with a multimedia screen are enormous. For example, it offers the possibility to display information about the car that is being charged and current events concerning electric driving. All kinds of content can also be played, advertising time can be sold to external companies, games can be played, and real-time contact can be maintained with the maintenance team in the event of breakdowns.

Pilot at two locations
The charging stations are expected to be piloted at the end of 2022 at two locations: at Power Sonic's office in Nijkerk and an existing Bio-CNG location at First Class Couriers in Winschoten. One charging station will be equipped with a touch screen and storage. The other is equipped with an LCD screen. Through this pilot, both OG and EVESCO want to offer sustainable fast charging solutions that can be used anywhere powered by only 100% green electricity. The ambition is to roll these chargers out in the future in the Netherlands and other countries where OG is active.

Power Sonic, EVESCO's parent company, specialised in providing high-quality, reliable, and safe battery solutions. This location, therefore, has a combination of storage and solar panels for battery management. The power is stored in the external battery, providing the charger with 100% green power.

First Class Couriers specialises in sustainable transport and has vehicles that drive fully on Bio-CNG and electric powered vehicles. The company is very innovative, progressive, and likes to try new things, making them the ideal match. This charger is also supplied with 100% green electricity.

Together for sustainable mobility
“Power Sonic partnered with OG Clean Fuels as we wanted to install reliable and future-proof EV charging infrastructure to encourage more staff and also people in the local community to drive electric vehicles. We are committed to using and promoting the use of electric vehicles and will be enabling the public to use our 120kW DC fast charging stations. We are delighted to be working with the team at OG Clean Fuels to support our current and future electrification plans.” - Matthew Spendiff-Smith, Global Director of Marketing.

EVESCO is committed to deploying reliable and future-proof EV charging networks globally, including in locations with little or no grid availability. EVESCO's ambition is to ensure a world where all road transport is emission-free, everyone can charge their vehicle quickly, and a more sustainable world for future generations.

This ambition closely matches OG's ambition to leave a green world for future generations. OG focuses exclusively on 100% clean fuels, namely Bio-CNG, Hydrogen, Electricity, Bio-LNG, and HVO 100. OG thus makes clean driving accessible to everyone! The fuels of OG are consistently produced and financed green.

Joyce van Os de Man, director Benelux: "We are always consciously working on the rollout of our products. For example, we place these poles in public, so that clean driving becomes accessible to more people. Due to grid congestion problems, we must share power and relieve the burden on the grid through storage. We also know that people must wait a while to be fully charged. We want to use this time in a fun but informative way by sharing data and information about electric driving."