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Irene Schouten, the face of OG Clean Fuels. Last winter, during the Winter Olympics 2022, Irene won three gold medals, and now, she has entered into an exclusive partnership with OG Clean Fuels. This makes her the new face of OG and, therefore, also part of the OG Heroes platform.

Marcel Borger, Founder, and CEO of OG Clean Fuels: “We are proud to have Irene as the figurehead of OG. Her strong discipline, positive energy, and extraordinary achievements suit us perfectly. Just like Irene, we will go for the win. We take the lead among all the other suppliers and draw our own plan. With the right mindset, anything is possible.”

Irene Shouten: “Every day better than the day before. That is how I think and live as a top athlete, for my sport but also for my environment. That’s why I think it’s so great to collaborate with OG Clean Fuels. The fastest-growing player in the field of sustainable fuels. Laying the foundation for future success, together with OG!”

Sport sponsorship
At OG, we believe in meaningful connections through sport. Just like OG, Irene Schouten wants to help society move forward. Without fear, but truly act on what you say, step by step. Not just stating the fact, but actually acting upon it. This fits perfectly with our way of thinking and acting to help society. From this philosophy, the OG Heroes platform was born. The platform for ambitious athletes who want to contribute to both sport and society.

About Irene Schouten
Irene Schouten is a Dutch speed skater, born in Zaagdijk-Oost. This exceptional OG Hero partakes on the long track (especially long distances), as well as the marathon and inline skates. During the Olympic Games 2022, she won a gold medal on both the 3000 metre and the 5000 metres races, both with a new Olympic record. During the final day, she also won a gold medal with the mass start, making her one of the most successful athletes of the Olympic Winter Games at one tournament.

About OG Clean Fuels
OG is committed to a future of a mix of clean fuels. With a network of over 220 filling stations in Europe, OG is the fastest-growing player in the sustainable mobility market. OG’s clean fuels include the following: Bio-CNG, Electric, Hydrogen, Bio-LNG, and HVO100. We make clean driving accessible to everyone.

Wanna be a Hero? Drive Clean!
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