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Official opening Sinnewetterstofproject: 100% green hydrogen from the Netherlands

On Friday, the 25th of March, the Sinnewetterstof project was officially opened in Oosterwolde. The green hydrogen from this project will be purchased by OG, a supplier of 100% clean fuels, for its filling stations. This makes it possible to drive on 100% green hydrogen from the Netherlands.

With this project, Alliander and Groenleven have developed an installation that converts solar energy from a nearby solar park into hydrogen. OG will distribute this hydrogen to its hydrogen filling stations in the Netherlands.

Through this project, OG supports the energy transition and creates space on the grid for new sustainability projects.

Sinnewetterstof project
During the Sinnewetterstof project, solar energy is converted into hydrogen with an electrolyzer at times when there is a surplus of solar energy available. In this way, the project contributes to solving the grid congestion problem in the Netherland.

With this hydrogen solution, this generated energy is not lost but can be stored in a sustainable form. This is an important step for the future. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has named green hydrogen as one of the five technological pillars that can contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions.

It is expected that 125.000 kilograms of hydrogen can be produced annually. That is enough hydrogen for about 10 million kilometres of car trips.

OG’s hydrogen ambition
Joyce van Os de Man, director Benelux OG: “This project fits perfectly with our OG Dream vision in which we offer clean fuels from 100% natural Dutch sources. Our customers trust that they will fill up with truly clean fuels at OG. Together with our own local biogas production facilities and this green hydrogen project with GroenLeven, we make good on our promise to our customer.”