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OG Opens its first 350-bar hydrogen filling station for large vehicles in Amsterdam

Unique location
The filling point is unique because it can serve passenger cars, delivery vans, and trucks. Thanks to some adjustments to the existing station, it has become the first public hydrogen station in Amsterdam where 350 bar and 700 bar of hydrogen can be used to refill a vehicle. The hydrogen filling station was supplied by NEL Hydrogen from Denmark. NEL is one of the largest proven suppliers in Europe and has a lot of experience refilling 350-bar vehicles.

Joyce van Os de Man, director of Benelux OG: “Several parties have already indicated that they will run trucks and waste collection vehicles on hydrogen in the area. These are mainly companies in the logistics and construction sectors. We are extremely pleased about this. Names of these companies will be announced in due course.”

OG Dream Station
Besides hydrogen, Bio-CNG, liquid CO2, and electricity can also be purchased at this location. This makes this location an ‘OG Dream station’. An OG Dream station is a location where a mix of various clean fuels are offered exclusively. This makes clean driving accessible to everyone.

Ambition OG
In addition to its station in Amsterdam, OG also has hydrogen filling stations in Assen and The Hague. OG is currently working on various new hydrogen projects. Planned locations include Leeuwarden, Schiphol, Borne, Heerenveen, Delfzijl, Breda and various places in Drenthe.

OG's ambition is to become one of the largest suppliers when it comes to supplying hydrogen. OG is therefore involved in the production of 100% green hydrogen from solar energy in the Netherlands. In this project, called Sinnewetterstof, surplus green electricity is converted into green hydrogen. That's sustainable!