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Fossil-free transition is becoming more and more relevant. With an order for 73 gas-powered heavy-duty trucks in Sweden, Frigoscandia is leading the way in climate-smart transport solutions.

Making food accessible through customer-centric logistics solutions and preserving product quality has been Frigoscandia's expertise since its inception in 1948. Today, they deliver over one million shipments, to over 50,000 addresses each year through services that address the entire supply chain from producer to consumer.

Through a large geographic network, they offer efficient, sustainable, and flexible goods flows including storage and terminal handling at optimal temperatures - traceable in real time. Frigoscandia has a fleet of approximately 900 vehicles in its own and network-affiliated haulage companies and is the market leader in Sweden in temperature-controlled storage and food transport.

Frigoscandia (formerly Bring Frigo) is owned since December 2021 by the European investment group Mutares. Frigoscandia has a turnover of just under SEK 3 billion and around 1,000 employees.

Frigoscandia was founded in 1948, then under the name Helsingborgs Frys. The first cold store was completed in 1950 and after the two main services of cold storage and freezing were completed, it was realised that the freezer transport was missing to offer an unbroken cold chain. After an unsuccessful unloading of meat, the lack of refrigerated transport and packaging was remedied by fitting a refrigeration unit to a truck just a month after the first cold store was completed. The first unbroken cold chain was a fact.

In which sector are you active?
Temperature-controlled food logistics (storage, forwarding and distribution). 

How many fossil-free vehicles do you operate and on what fuel?
Our own haulage companies Svebol Logistics and Frigoscandia Åkeri together have about 100 fossil-free vehicles. Fossil-free fuels we use are: HVO 100, RME and LBG/CBG. 

Why did you choose to drive sustainably and how long have you been doing this?
Frigoscandia has a long history of transporting with gas vehicles and in 2014 we were one of the first in the world to start driving on gas in a Euro 6 truck, the newest environmental classification for vehicles at the time. It is part of our vision to become a climate positive, part of our business plan, customer demands, responsible business in a sustainable food chain and to be an attractive employer.

How did you first come into contact with our fuels?
It was when OG took over the station at Filborna, which is our closest filling station for fossil free fuels in Helsingborg. What are your expectations for the future in terms of sustainability and fossil free fuels? Frigoscandia wants to contribute to Sweden's climate targets for the transport sector in 2030 and beyond. We are now working on several measures at the same time: biofuels, fuel-efficient engines, smarter logistics and electrically powered cooling units on our load carriers.

A quote that the company stands for within sustainability
- At Frigoscandia, we are now undergoing a transition to fossil-free operation, where we are gradually replacing our conventional diesel trucks with vehicles powered by renewable fuels, says Peter Haveneth, CEO of Frigoscandia. The goal is to achieve fo