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We can announce that OG and Helsingborg Hockey Club Ungdom have agreed to a cooperation that will last for two seasons.

OG will now be part of the (fossil-free) fuel that makes HHC U take the next step towards the social and sporting goals of the association. Both parties share values and strive to be part of a positive societal development where future generations benefit from the decisions we make today.

"We are extremely happy and proud that OG wants to support us. Just like HHC, OG is working hard to give our children a better future and we, therefore, see this cooperation as very positive." - says Henrik Stenson, club president.

"OG is very grateful to be a part of the HHC family and support its activities. It is a very nice and inclusive activity where boys and girls of all ages get the opportunity to develop, both as individuals and athletically."- Marcel Borger, founder and CEO OrangeGas.

About Helsingborgs Hockey Club
Helsingborgs Hockey Club Youth was founded in 2015 and is a well-established club in Helsingborg and today has 500 active players and leaders from hockey school to senior teams. The club can offer activities for both men and women, hockey school, youth, junior and senior. The goal is to develop individuals and teams that function well both athletically and humanly. In the long term, this should lead to a fully functioning ice hockey club that brings joy and builds networks between people of different generations.

About OG (OrangeGas)
OG exclusively supplies 100% fossil-free fuels. OG was founded in 2008 and has since developed a network of over 220 filling stations for various fossil-free sustainable fuels in the Netherlands, Germany, and now also Sweden. In the Helsingborg region, OG owns and operates 4 public biogas filling stations. Driving on biogas is just like driving on traditional fuels, except that it is fossil-free. In Helsingborg, all our biogas is produced from the city's waste at the production plant at Filborna