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In Färjestaden, at the Brofästet roundabout, OG (OrangeGas) has opened its first newly built Bio-CNG station. A special feature of this location is that, in addition to Bio-CNG, two fast chargers have been installed, making this a unique sustainable location. It is the first OG station in Öland and, with the construction of this station, OG is well on the way to expanding its Bio-CNG network in Sweden.

With the arrival of the station in Färjestaden, OG has become a serious player in Sweden in the field of sustainable fuels. It is the sixth public station in Sweden to sell Bio-CNG and beyond. Later this year, another location in Borgholm will be opened on Öland. Both trucks and cars can fill up with Bio-CNG, making it possible for everyone to drive sustainably.

OG, the Municipality of Mörbylånga and Biogas Boost will organize an official opening ceremony as soon as it is possible again.

OG - supplier of 100% clean fuels
OG (OrangeGas) focuses on Bio-CNG and other renewable energy sources. The network of filling stations is being expanded enormously, and not only in the domestic market. OG has become the fastest growing player in the market for sustainable mobility. OG is the market leader in both the Netherlands and Germany. The ambition of OG is to be the largest clean fuel retailer in Europe combined with own production from natural sources.

OG fuels are always produced sustainably and as locally as possible. In this way, OG contributes to a sustainable, local and circular economy. And to the climate targets for reducing CO2 emissions on both a national and European level.

The OG locations in Sweden are: Helsingborg, Höganäs, Stockholm/Bromma and Färjestaden.