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Commercial Vehicles
Choose your IVECO on Bio-CNG

Get to know our Iveco Daily Bio-CNG models (Biogas). These models are sustainable alternatives. Driving on Bio-CNG reduces pollution since Bio-CNG is much more environmentally friendly than traditional fossil fuels. So, when you choose Bio-CNG, you choose cleaner air.

The new Iveco Daily Natural Power is a vehicle that runs on Bio-CNG and gasoline.

This engine is designed and optimized for the use of Bio-CNG. However, when the Bio-CNG tank is empty, it automatically switches to gasoline (with a driving range of about 100 kilometers).

All versions of the Iveco Daily are available in various gross weights from 3.5 to 7.0 tons, thus making the new Daily remarkably versatile. Additionally, the Iveco Daily is also available as a chassis-cab, van, double-cab, and semi-closed van. The Iveco Daily can be driven with a normal B driver's license.

Iveco is the only manufacturer that has a full range of light and heavy commercial vehicles with Bio-CNG engines.

Bio-CNG is a fuel of the future:
- in terms of fuel costs, CNG vehicles are about 40 percent cheaper than comparable diesel engines;
- Bio-CNG models have the lowest environmental impact of all internal combustion engines (total absence of sulfur, hydrocarbons, and soot particles in the exhaust and low CO2 emissions);
- Bio-CNG models are quiet (about 5 dB quieter than comparable diesel engines).

Bio-CNG models are allowed in underground parking garages, ferry boats, as well as city centers with emission restrictions (due to the extremely low emissions). The entire CNG range received a Heavy Duty Euro6 type approval.


Yes, I also want to drive clean, please advise me!

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