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ED95, 2nd generation bio-ethanol

ED95 is 95% bio-ethanol, which is used mainly in freight vehicles. This requires a modification of the engine. Currently, OG does not yet sell ED95. However, this will always be sourced or produced as locally as possible.

Advantages ED95

Clean fuel

Second generation bio-ethanol

CO2 saving

95% CO2 reduction


Suitable for transport


By running on ED95 instead of diesel, carbon dioxide emissions from buses and trucks are reduced by up to 90%. ED95 is especially popular in the United Sates, Brazil, and Sweden. Currently, there are no ED95 filling stations in the Netherlands. Scania is currently the only supplier of trucks that are suitable for ED95.

According to Scania, the consumption is almost equal to a diesel truck. The action radius depends on the tank capacity.


The truck suitable for ED95 is about €10.000 more expensive than the diesel variant. This is a small extra investment to drive on cleaner fuel. However, you can save on fuel costs.

The price at the pump is namely, lower. In Sweden, the regular price of ED95 at the pump is €1,097 per liter. However, nowadays, clients are increasingly asking for cleaner transport. So, by using ED95, you can generate new business opportunities.


Filling up with ED95 is uncomplicated and similar to filling up with regular fuels. It is also safe to drive on ED95 since recent studies from Sweden show that ED95 is not more flammable than petrol.

OG currently does not sell ED95 yet. When the filling stations are being opened by OG, ED95 will always be purchased as sustainably as possible and sold as cheaply as possible.

Yes, I want to drive clean, please advise me!

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