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CO2 from OG is the ideal diesel replacement

Liquid CO2 is the ideal diesel replacement for refrigerated transport. Liquid CO2 is noiseless and has a positive influence on air quality. In the future, OG will extract CO2 from its own biogas installations. You will find our CO2 filling station in Amsterdam. Liquid CO2 costs about €0,16 per kilo. 


Clean fuel

90% carbon reduction


Liquid CO2 is silent

Fewer rejected loads

Suitable for all trucks that need to cool or freeze


Using liquid CO2 reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. By filling up with liquid CO2, you will have reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. You have a 90% carbon reduction and also drive exceptionally quietly. By driving on liquid CO2, the noise of trucks is softer, and you can even load and unload outside of the time windows. OG’s liquid CO2 also has fewer problems with temperature fluctuations. This means that you have fewer rejected loads.

Liquid CO2 is suitable for all trucks that need to cool or freeze. This requires the installation of a Cryotech system.


The liquid CO2 comes from the company Thermoking. Thermoking extracts the product from residual streams in the Netherlands. OG is working on the realisation of extracting CO2 from its biogas plants. 

You can fill up with liquid CO2 from OG in Amsterdam. There are currently seven liquid CO2 locations in the Netherlands. These are located in the following locations: Heerenveen, Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Waalwijk, Apeldoorn, and Hengelo.


Filling up with liquid CO2 is easy. It is just as easy as filling up with petrol or diesel. You connect the nozzle to the filling point on the truck and then press start. When filling up is completed, the system gives a signal (usually a sound or the counter stops).

Liquid CO2 can be refilled with a tag. This tag comes free of charge with the Cryotech system. Liquid CO2 costs approximately €0,16 per kilo. A Cyrotech system has a 330-litre tank. 

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