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OG Heroes

Every athlete, coach, or club shares a passion. A burning desire. A persistent drive to achieve something at all costs. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and make them come true. Meet the OG Heroes! We give them a stage to share their drive and passion, but also to tell their connection to OG.

"A day without laughter is a day not lived."

Nils van der Poel

Geboortedatum April 25, 1996
Geboorteplaats Trollhättan
Discipline Long track skater
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OG Hero Nils van der Poel was born in Trollhättan, Sweden, and has Dutch grandparents. He is specialized in long distances ice skating. At the 2021 World Championships in Heerenveen, he won the world title in distances of 5000 and 10.000 meters. In the latter, he also set a new world record. Van der Poel is coached by Johan Röjler and he trains alone for 95% of his time.

"OG is thé perfect match for me. We both cherish the future and we both strive for perfection while enjoying the journey as well. In addition, we have the NL-SE connection, which strengthens our bond."

A quote who you are or what you stand for
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7

Highlight career 
My personal highlight is my Jr world title in the 5000m in 2014. But I guess most people would say my world champion titles and world record from February 2021 are the highlights of my career.  

Pre-race habit 
I always draw up a schedule for the day that includes everything I need to do. With everything, I mean literally everything. It’s a bit indecent, I actually specify, to the minute, when I’ll be going to the restroom and what business I'll take care of in there… However, on a normal day, I’d say that I’m quite a spontaneous guy. But yeah, match days are a little different.

Dream Career 
As a skater, I just want to enjoy the match and always do my best. If I succeed in that, I am satisfied. There is one title that still occupies my dreams and that is the Olympic title," said van der Poel.

Lots! In general, I’m a sporty guy. Recently, I have been skydiving a lot. If you present me with a challenge for which you need a fighting spirit and that will give me an adrenaline rush, then I’m all in!

Guilty pleasure
I don’t have a guilty pleasure, since I don’t feel guilty while having fun!

| 2014 Jr World Champion 5000m
| 2015 Jr World Champion 5000m
| 2018 14th Olympic Games 5000m, 6th World´s Allround Championships
| 2021 World Champion 5000m, World Champion 10000m, World Record 10000m, World Record 5000m
| 2022 Olympic champion 5000, Olympic champion 1000m, World Allround champion

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Everyone can be a Hero! If you start driving on clean fuels because you think we should be kinder to our planet, then you are already a Hero. But athletes are heroes too, every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is the fuel to chase their goals and dreams and to make them come reality. OG believes in meaningful connections through sports and invests in sustainable and noble projects by connecting people, getting children to move more, talent development and charities.