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Nils van der Poel, the 25-year-old Swedish world champion who broke the 10-kilometer track record by a spectacular 12 seconds at the Stavanger World Cup last weekend, has become part of the OG Heroes platform and has therefore become the first Swedish OG Hero.

OG Heroes is the platform of OG (OrangeGas) that is dedicated to talented sportspersons who work very hard to achieve their goals. OG supports these athletes that want to accomplish great things. "Van der Poel is a unique talent that fits in perfectly with the OG Heroes. Even without competing, he shakes up the conservative ice skating world. Similar to OG, Van der Poel wants to ensure change and to set his own course," said Marcel Borger, CEO of OG.

Van der Poel on his sponsorship: "OG is thé perfect match for me. We both love the future and we both strive for perfection, while enjoying the journey as well. In addition, we have the NL-SE connection, which strengthens our bond."

About Nils van der Poel
OG Hero Van der Poel was born in Trollhättan, Sweden, and has Dutch grandparents. He specializes in long distances. At the 2021 World Championships in Heerenveen he won the world title in the distances of 5000 and 10.000 meters. In the latter, he also set a new world record. Van der Poel is coached by Johan Röjler and 95% of the time he trains alone. Moreover, Van der Poel is not part of a team as Dutch skaters often are.

"As a skater, I just want to enjoy the match and always do my best. If I succeed in that, I am satisfied. There is one title that still occupies my dreams and that is the Olympic title," said van der Poel.

About OG
OG, that has its headquarters in Heerenveen, is also active on the Swedish market. OG aims for a future with a mix of clean fuels. With a network of more than 220 filling stations in Europe, OG is the fastest growing player in the sustainable mobility sector. These clean fuels include Bio-CNG, Hydrogen, HVO 100, and Electricity.

At OG, we believe in meaningful connections through sports, and therefore we created the OG Heroes platform. Every athlete shares a passion, a burning desire. It is their fuel to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams. Everyone can be a Hero! If you want the world to change, then start with yourself.

Wanna be a Hero? Drive Clean!

Check out Nils van der Poel's OG Heroes page here.