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Make your fleet sustainable
We do it together for tomorrow

With the 100% clean fuels from OG you can easily make your fleet sustainable.

Make your fleet sustainable

The time has come to make your fleet more sustainable. With the clean fuels from OG, driving clean is a small effort.

OG serves a wide variety of business customers nationwide, from large fleets to SMEs and from waste collectors to couriers. With our years of experience, we are happy to help you further.

What we can do for you

1. Fleet Scan

You want to become more sustainable, but which clean fuel is right for you? OG will find out for you free of charge.

2. Tankstation

The clean fuel for you not nearby? OG can still provide it publicly or on its own property.

3. Procurement

As soon as you come across something related to clean fuels or vehicles, call OrangeGas.

4. Vehicle offers

Together we look for the best fitting vehicle. From passenger cars to large trucks.

For more information, read the detailed description below.

 1 Procurement

You often can't avoid it. You either have to publish a tender or submit it. Exciting! As soon as you come across anything related to clean fuels or vehicles, call OG. We can advise you without any obligations on, for example, all clean fuels, available vehicles, applicability, and infrastructure.

 2 Fleet Scan

When you want to make your fleet more sustainable, your search begins for a suitable clean fuel, vehicle, and application. In addition to all your other duties, this is a time-consuming task. Let OG find out for you and after one appointment you will already have enough tools to get started.

 3 In practice

Congratulations! You've purchased one or more clean vehicles, but what's next? The following points may be helpful:

  • Tank/loading infrastructure: If there is a need for an (additional) loading or refueling point, OG will be happy to discuss how to realize this.
  • Refueling instruction: The refueling of a number of clean fuels is different than you might be used to. If desired, we offer refueling instructions at one of our stations for the drivers of the new vehicles.
  • Fuel card: As a customer, you will receive a fuel card from us. With this card, you can fill up with our clean fuels at all OG locations.
  • OG app: Your employees can easily navigate to our refueling locations via the OG app. If you have a brief question about refueling, employees can use the chat function and we will quickly answer any questions. News and push messages keep drivers informed about developments at the refueling locations. Finally, the app offers a savings program where you can save for cool products or for a good cause.
OG fuel card

The OG fuel card is available especially for companies and businesses. This allows you as a business driver to refuel at extra economical rates. The card can be used for all our clean fuels at all OG filling stations throughout Europe.

Curious about the possibilities for your business?

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